MUV601 - Robin Le Couteur - Assignment 3, blog 6 - 2018

Assignment 3 Reflection - Blog 6

In this blog I'll be reflecting on the project as a whole. This will include my thoughts on how I think the project went, any roadblocks I hit and how the project came together in the end.

My initial goal for this project was to make a scripted keyboard that you could play, as well as other instruments to play alongside it. What I ended up with was a little bit more simple than I was expecting, but I think it managed to capture my initial inspiration quite well.

The focus was to make a simple to use interactive environment that was fun. I wanted it to be able to be used by multiple people as a collaborative environment. The end result almost exactly reflected these goals. The result allowed multiple people to collaboratively enjoy my creation.

Looking at what my learning goals were, I managed to achieve them all.
The goals were the following:

Learn how to create a model outside of SL and import it (I will use this to build the groundwork of the proj…

MUV601 - Robin Le Couteur - Assignment 3, blog 4 - 2018

Assignment 3 Progress - Blog 4

In this blog I'll be talking about the progress with the general design of my project. My previous blogs talked mostly about the scripting and functional parts of the model, but never really the visuals.

This blog is a bit late because I've been focusing more on other assignments, but here we go anyways.

For the design of the environment that my piano would be in, I had quite a bit of difficulty thinking of something good. After wracking my brains I came up with something that was fairly interesting and would help fulfil some of the requirements of the build.

Here's a bit of a prototype that I came up with in SketchUp:

The idea was that I could go in the bottom and teleport up to the top, and when I'm done have a similar doorway to teleport back down. The curved shape could also be reproduced in SL with special prim manipulations which would fulfil some of the build requirements.

Also as shown more here, I also decided on a wood theme wit…

MUV601 - Robin Le Couteur - Assignment 3, blog 3 - 2018

Assignment 3 Progress - Blog 3 - 
Scripting the keys Over the last couple of weeks I've been making some progress on my scripting for the piano keys. I've done some other progress on other elements of the build, but I'll just talk about what I've done in the week 11(May 21).
So into the key scripting!  Right, so my first idea for scripting the keys was to place the audio file for each note into each individual key, and have a script for each key that would play the note and perform additional effects for the key. The script that each key had looked something like this: -------------------------------------------------------------- string note = "note_00";
playsound()       {         llPlaySound(note,1.0);     }       
default     touch_start(integer total_number)     {         playsound();     }     collision_start(integer num)     {         playsound();     } } --------------------------------------------------------------
The basics of this script is that it detects user …

MUV601 - Robin Le Couteur - Assignment 3, blog 2 - 2018

Assignment 3 Initial Progress - Blog 2
Model This project started with me testing SketchUp model imports. To do this I made a simple terrain feature in SketchUp, then exported it as a COLLADA .dae file.
Here is the model in SketchUp:
While exporting is was important to make sure that the settings were right. The notable ones are 'Export Two-Sided Faces' and 'Triangulate All Faces'. These were not enabled by default and meant that I got weird graphical glitches such as faces not being visible on both sides and additional faces appearing from the original faces not being triangulated.

After importing successfully, this is how it appeared in Second Life:
With confirmation that imports were working properly, I made a keyboard in SketchUp and imported it into Second Life. I had to make sure that on import, the LOD settings for it were set to be full LOD for any view distance. This is because the keys would distort at a distance and their shape was also the shape of their lo…

MUV601 - Robin Le Couteur - Assignment 3, blog 1 planning - 2018

Assignment 3 Initial PlanningChosen Option The option I chose for this assignment content creation with interactive complexity. I'll be making an interactive music display that involves a giant piano keyboard that people can walk on to make sounds and some other interactive elements.
The purpose of this project is to create a fun, friendly environment where people can be creative with music and sounds. it can be enjoyed as an individual, or it can be used by a group to experiment with collaborative creativity and to just have fun. This project has possible educational uses as well to teach music concepts in a fun environment.
The six interactive complexity requirements I will be including in this project are the following: A scanning system that will detect the presence of an avatar then interact with the avatar in some mannerAn instance of scripted communication with an avatar via main chatAn appropriate particle systemThe presentation of a dialog menu with a minimum of three opti…

MUV601 - Robin Le Couteur - Assignment 2, blog 3 -2018

Join and participate in a community within a virtual world.
The community I joined was The Velvet(Found here:, which is a music venue. I chose it because as a musician and music lover, I felt like it was a community I would appreciate. The purpose of this community is to provide entertainment in the form of music and dance. The Velvet hosts different performances by different DJs and always has some music playing for the enjoyment of its visitors. Interaction 1 The first time I went to The Velvet, I was greeted by a dancing bot and a myriad of signs to let me know what was on.
Lots of signs and information:
The dancing bot:
Something I immediately noticed was that there was no music playing event though there was a sign saying that the radio was playing music. I decided to work that out later as I didn't have much time for this visit before I had to go somewhere in real life. I then went and had a little look around. I found some funny …